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Kira & Stephanie

A FUSION of cultures,
majestic in its VIBRANCY

March 21-27, 2024
7 days, 6 nights

Starting at $3,850

(based on double occupancy)
Group size: 6 travelers

MOROCCO casts a spell.

With its bustling souks, sun-baked desert vistas, colorful mosaics, and North African spiced tagine stews. Reflective of a conferring of African, Arab, and European influences, MARRAKESH, a city drenched in an abundance of beauty and culture which allows an unfurling of unexpected exchanges for the curious traveler – boundless opportunities to uncover both historic and modern nuances of craft, cuisine, artistry, and way of life unique to no other city on the planet. Prepare to be enchanted.

Curious to journey deeper into the essence of MOROCCO? Our rhythmically thoughtful itinerary includes three days in Marrakech to connect and explore the city, taste and wander, as well as find respite and tranquility in a beautifully appointed Riad, an oasis in time where past and future are present.

From Marrakech we head to the Ourika Valley and Atlas Mountains where we will stay in a Kasbah for three nights. Surrounded by an expanse of green fields, groves of olives, oranges and lemons, against the heights of the dazzling snowy mountain peaks. Here we have leisure time to indulge in a hammam treatment, explore local botany, national parks, as well as traditional agriculture practices & tea making. To immerse deeper we will take a camel trek down the river to the village of Timalizen to experience the essence of Amazigh (Berber) culture.

  • 4-star Accommodations; Prestigious design, Beautiful Eco Hideouts
  • Riad Sakkan (or similar)
  • Caravan Agafay
  • Kasbah Bab Ourika (or similar)
  • Slow travel, Immersive, Expansive, Cultural
  • Tasting, Botany, Walking explorations, Camel riding, Amazigh (Berber) Culture
  • Spices; a harmony of colours & flavours
  • Snake charmers, High Atlas Mountains, Hammam, Star gazing, Desert Sunset/Sunrise

Prepare to be enchanted

  • All accommodations
  • All inter-country transportation and Airport pick-up upon arrival
  • All group explorations
  • Daily breakfast and group dinners
  • Coffee and tea (always on us)
  • Roundtrip airfare to Marrakesh (we can assist in booking, please reach out)
  • Gratuities
  • Alcohol
  • Meals (that are not listed here)
  • Leisure spending
  • 1 Booking: $4800
  • (single occupancy, private accommodation)
  • 2 Bookings: $7700
  • (based on double occupancy)



March 27-30, 2024

There’s only one in the world. An expanse unlike any other. The SAHARA desert allows time to escape as you enter a realm and feel oneness with nature. A place full of mystery, exquisite beauty, and serenity amidst an unbroken silence that stretches over 11 countries.

This wild and once in a lifetime extended part of our itinerary is for those who are willing to journey – journey long & far. We will leave the Ourika valley early in the morning (5am) to embark on the 8 hour (private/luxury car) journey into the Sahara Desert where we will drive through kasbahs, villages and waterfalls, enjoying a few immersive stops along the way.

Upon arrival in Merzouga we continue by way of local guides, trekking on camels across windswept dunes to our retreat – a luxury habitat of geodesic structures perfectly immersed in the desolate expanse. Witnessing two extraordinary nights under blankets of stars, a sunset and sunrise, as well as day to envelop in the isolation of the dunes and the hospitality of Amazigh (Berber) culture, we journey back to Marrakech for a final night at the elegant L’Hotel Marrakech.



  • 1 Booking: $1400
  • (single occupancy, private accommodation)
  • 2 Bookings: $2250
  • (based on double occupancy)

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