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Kira & Stephanie

A timeless landscape of exquisite ethnic diversity and array of exotic wildlife species. This is KENYA.


Jan 3-15, 2025
13 days, 12 nights

All-inclusive price PP $12,400

(based on double occupancy)
Group size: 6 travelers

A poetic habitat of cultural and natural beauty, visually luminous, that contrasts in expanse between wild African bush and tropical Indian coastline. A timeless landscape of exquisite ethnic diversity and array of exotic wildlife species. This is KENYA.

The earth calls us to reciprocity. To pay attention to other beings, the vastness of nature’s intricacy and the inhabitants within, recognizing that we are surrounded by intelligences other than our own: beings who have evolved here long before we did.

To experience this, we must slow down and immerse ourselves deeper in the unfamiliar – reflect on the nuances of beauty that surrounds us and bear witness to the remote corners of the world, the various indigenous people and animal species, that may seem like lifetimes away.

On this journey, which coincides with the first full moon of 2025, we find connection with each other, as well as discovery of our self. Getting lost in the moment only to find refuge in our heightened senses. We welcome you to join us to uncover the extraordinary that is KENYA. To safari at the base of Kilimanjaro and sail the Lamu archipelago under a rare full moon.

Curious to journey deeper into the essence KENYA? We travel to two contrasting regions, Maasai Kimana Sanctuary, Kenya’s first community-owned conservancy with a crucial corridor for animal migration as well as Lamu, an idyllic slice of paradise off the coast of Kenya, a UNESCO world heritage site, and the epitome of Swahili culture on the Indian Ocean.

Our travel will begin in the capital, Nairobi, for the first night. An evening of exquisite farm to table cuisine at Cultiva celebrating unique native heirloom ingredients and upcountry farming traditions. We rest stylishly at the Tribe hotel (a member of the design hotels) before embarking to Angama Amboseli within the Maasai Kimana Sanctuary, home to the greatest habitat diversity and wildlife density in the region.

Angama’s prestigious new property, Amboseli, is a secluded and contemporary 5-star retreat providing us an unparalleled opportunity to unravel a ‘slow safari’ experience witnessing a diversity of animals sighted from the brutalist aesthetic. Designed with intentionality, this is a wilderness jewel with outstanding hospitality, deep rooted knowledge amongst the guides (including the first female guide in all of Kenya), access to Amboseli National Park, exclusive traversing rights and unrestricted game viewing.

Renowned for its lush landscape and remarkable density of wildlife along with its regal backdrop, Mount Kilimanjaro, we stay 4 nights in private hideaway – heightened senses, an intimate immersion in nature, time for relaxation & introspection, connection with indigenous communities and inventive Kenyan cuisine.

Expect a collision of beauty. Elephants thundering past as the sun dips into the horizon, an opportunity to witness the famed ‘super tusker’ and scores of eland, reedbuck, warthogs, giraffes, zebra and wildebeest within their natural habitat. Even the elusive leopard, cheetah and serval.

After days of being enveloped in the African Bush we find a new rhythm on the Indian Coast, in Lamu, an enchanting and starkly different escape from the mainland, solace by the sea. The archipelago consists of islands that feel like a world onto their own – beautiful expanses of beach interflow with traditional Arab architecture and a laid back bohemian sway. While Chinese and Indian heritage is kept alive by descendants of traders and artisans, Lamu is the epitome of Swahili culture on the Indian Ocean and old town Lamu a UNESCO world heritage site.

We stay for 6 nights in a design forward boutique hotel restored with an ode to heritage; a contemporary interpretation of Swahili style and a sanctuary that embodies the art of unhurried living. Beyond the property itself, which is stylishly nestled into the historic town of Shela, we have access to a collection of Dhow’s to explore the waterways and other islands in the archipelago. Our days will be spent captivated by ancient ruins, snorkeling in pristine waters, and relaxing on remote windswept beaches. Of noteworthy mention: a moon rising sail on the first full moon of the New Year.

Beyond these unraveling of moments, we explore the UNESCO heritage site of old Lamu, its architecture and boutiques as well as indulge in the local cuisine including coconut fish curries and freshly baked Swahili bread. Lamu’s culinary scene is wildly sensory, blending African, Indian, & Arab influences and a beautiful contrast to the cuisine we will experience on safari.

After days in gentle sway of culture and beauty, contrasting landscapes, and immersive experiences with wildlife uncovering the extraordinary whispers of KENYA, we return to Nairobi for the final night and onward home…… with this journey (and all) we believe that life, gains meaning through the strokes of experience, hues of emotion, and the artistry of connection.

  • Design forward contemporary safari lodge, Boutique style hotel (a member of Design Hotels)
  • Nairobi- Tribe Hotel
  • Angama Amboseli- Safari
  • Lamu- Jannah Lamu
  • Wildlife, Islands and Oceans, Secluded luxury, Slow Safari, Immersive, UNESCO sites
  • Safari game drives, Walking explorations, Photography, Beaches, Sailing a traditional Dhow, Hot air balloon, Spa treatments
  • Blend of African, Indian, and Arab influences, with fresh seafood & Swahili cuisine in Lamu
  • First full moon rise of 2025, Big five animal encounters, African sunrise/sunsets, Super Tusker Elephants, Stargazing

The irresistible pull of Africa, you know you are truly alive

when you’re living amongst lions.

  • All transportation in Kenya (including 2 inter-country flights)
  • All luxury accommodations
  • Required Visa(s)
  • Airport pick-up/drop off
  • Daily breakfast, lunch with excursions & group dinners
  • All park entrance fees & all gratuities
  • Both NA & alcoholic drinks included in accommodations
  • Private Safari guides with unobstructed view vehicles
  • Day & Night game drives
  • Hot air balloon ride over Safari
  • Internet Access
  • Laundry Service
  • 4 Spa treatments
  • Full moon Dhow sailing
  • Manda Bay beach excursion
  • Roundtrip flight to Nairobi, Kenya (we can assist in booking, please inquire)
  • Leisure spending
  • 1 Bookings: $14,800 - All inclusive
  • (single occupancy, private accommodation)
  • 2 Bookings: $12,400 PP - All inclusive
  • (shared room, double occupancy)

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