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Q: How do you define Collaborations/Workshops, Signature Journeys and Exclusive Expeditions?

Collaboration/Workshop: A uniquely designed experience in partnership with a professional creative (photographer, chef, artist, writer, or visionary) that allows the craft and artistry to be the medium for meaningful moments to unfurl dynamically.

Signature Journey: A beautiful escape to uncover the essence. Intentionally designed shorter getaways for moments of exchange & leisure. Booked either as a group trip or independent travel.

Exclusive Expedition: A deeper exploration, longer & further afar, that bears witness to geographic exotic & extraordinary. Drastic, immersive, and nuanced. All inclusive.


Q: Who will I be traveling with?

A: Those who are curious and discerning and looking to feel an essence when they travel as much as see and engage. Travelers range in age and demographic. Expect to meet entrepreneurs, musicians, doctors, artists, and astrophysicists; those who tend to be adventurous with an interest in exploration and a willingness to go deeper!


Q: What’s included?

A: Each itinerary is slightly different and nuanced, please see specific destinations page for particulars.


Q: Do you plan custom trips beyond the listed destinations & itineraries?

A: YES! For both LEISURE and BUSINESS clients. We create itineraries that are personally designed to suit your desires and requests. Our service takes the stress out of planning travel, providing both confidence and expertise. We bring the human interaction back into the process by personally creating custom itineraries intended to highlight exquisite places, cultures, and landscapes, based on our consultation with you. If you dream it, we design it – allowing you to uncover the extraordinary. [HOLIDAY, CORPORATE RETREATS, FAMILY GATHERINGS, HONEYMOONS, SOLO EXCURSIONS & BEYOND….]


Q: When booking a group trip, Is my room private?

A: YES! If you book as a single, you will be staying in a private room whereas a two person booking indicates that you will be a sharing a room.


Q: Is there a leader?

A: YES! One or both of the Founders, Stephanie & Kira, or the founder of Del Caiman, Rafael Migoyo (Cuba) will be traveling with and leading all the itineraries. We also work closely with individuals from the local community to engage with their expertise and unique cultural perspectives, craft, & knowledge.


Q: Am I required to have travel insurance?

A: It is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED! Though we do not require it. We would recommend: Allianz or World Nomads


Q: Can I stay longer or arrive earlier?

A: Yes, please contact us. We can arrange for early arrival or later departure details on most itineraries.


Q: Do I need additional money?

A. Most expenses are included in the cost of the trip – see particulars for each destination. You will need money for some meals, shopping, additional spa services, alcohol, laundry, and custom fees as appropriate.  ATM machines are readily available and are the easiest way for you to access funds as needed. It is best to have a MasterCard or Visa with you.  Often times, American Express is not accepted.


Q: Are there any health requirements?

A. Before traveling, you should always ensure that you are in very good health. When a trip will require above average physical activity, we will state that.  If you have any medical problems that may limit your travel, please check with your physician for assessment and always stay apprised of all world health limitations, requirements, documentations per the embassy of the country traveling to.


Q: What to bring?

A. Travel light. We always pack more than we need.  Dress comfortably, fashionably, and as you wish to express yourself. Each itinerary may have slight variations in specific recommendations – particulars closer to departure date will follow.


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