Led by founders
Stephanie & Kira

Depth of culture & expansive TERRAIN is beyond
fascinating, blurring the lines between ancient and modern.

January 18–28, 2026
11 days, 10 nights

Starting at $6,375

(based on double occupancy)
Group size: 6 travelers

Entrusting natures eloquence and propelled by gentle winds our uncovering of EGYPT’S magnificence is centered around a private barefoot luxury sail down the NILE, the longest most intriguing river in the world.

A country with the oldest civilization in the world, EGYPT’S depth of culture & expansive terrain is beyond fascinating, blurring the lines between ancient and modern. To travel there is to entangle oneself in the archeological wonders and myriad of mythological tales raptured by the celestial world of the gods – this country is a destination cloaked with mystery.

Curious to journey deeper into the essence of EGYPT? Our rhythmically thoughtful itinerary includes two nights in Cairo, the country’s epicenter of art, culture, & history as well as iconic wonders of the world; the pyramids of Giza, King Khufu, and the Sphinx. Our stay is sophisticated and positioned for glimpses, moments, and introductions into the mystery, the culture. On the third day we take a flight to Luxor for two nights, a city revered as the world’s ‘greatest open air museum’. Luxor is calm, lush, with enfolding archeological beauty upon both sides of the Nile. After immersing in the synchrony of historical monuments and landscape, we embark on our journey down the great river, exposing in beautiful form and harmony with nature the link between Egyptian way of life, agriculture, and the celestial world of the gods.

Sailing in exquisite sway with an awarded luxury and design forward cruise company, Nour el Nil, we escape the crowds and find rhythm on a gorgeous Dahabiya, an Egyptian river yacht, built intentionally to offer an unparalleled and unique blend of authentic architecture with modern luxury.

Enthralled, we sail from Luxor to Aswan over the course of six days and five nights to breathe in its legend. Leisurely uncovering myths while visiting lesser-known archeological sites finding time in between to wander and swim, eat and drink, and luxuriate in perfect moments of stillness in the light and shadows cast on the banks of the infamous river.

After being transported in space and time to the otherworldly, we disembark in Aswan and spend a night before our return flight to Cairo.

  • 5-star Accommodations; elegant suites onboard a Dahabiya, “Egyptian river yacht”
  • St. Regis Cairo
  • Al Moudira Hotel
  • Nour El Nil
  • Ben Ben Hotel Aswan
  • History, Mythology, Adventure, Immersive, UNESCO sites
  • Sailing on the Nile, Wonders of the World, Archeology, Walking explorations
  • Modern and Traditional Egyptian
  • Wonders of the World, Star gazing, Breezy sundeck lounging, Secluded Nile Swims/Walk

Propelled by gentle winds, we uncover EGYPT’S magnificence.

  • All accommodations
  • All inter-country transportation (Including flight from Cairo to Luxor and Aswan to Cairo)
  • Airport pick-up
  • Egyptologist
  • Site entry passes in Cairo & Luxor
  • Guided explorations on cruise
  • While in city: Daily breakfast & group meals
  • While onboard: all meals, snacks & N/A beverages
  • Coffee and tea (always on us)
  • Roundtrip Airfare to Cairo (we can assist in booking, please reach out)
  • Gratuities
  • Alcohol
  • Individual Meals (that are not noted)
  • Leisure spending
  • 1 Booking: $9,850
  • (single occupancy, private accommodation)
  • 2 Bookings: $12,750
  • (based on double occupancy)

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