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aerial ice

Icelandic Mist

Standing amidst an expanse of lava rock, torn up earth grown over with wild moss, one with nature.

From our experience profile we curate properties to stay that are intentionally designed & ecologically considered for an unraveling of experiences, essences unto themselves and the context of their surroundings.

Stay with us.
Summer in Iceland.


Future Travel

As world travelers ourselves, we understand how overwhelming searching the internet can be to plan an exquisite trip. Where do you start?

Likely much of your time is spent researching the vastness of information and sifting through reviews to distill something unique, beautiful & intriguing.

Time is valuable. Let us do this work for you based on your interests and desired destinations. We are here to make the subtle decisions that will uncover the extraordinary and provide the peace of mind.

Egyptian site

Journey to Egypt

A country with the oldest civilization in the world, EGYPT’S depth of culture & expansive terrain is beyond fascinating, blurring the lines between ancient and modern.

To travel there is to entangle oneself in the archeological wonders and myriad of mythological tales raptured by the celestial world of the gods – this country is a destination cloaked with mystery.

Explore the ancient wonders of Egypt cruising along the Nile, propelled by gentle winds past majestic monuments and hidden temples on a private luxury dahabiya sailboat.