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Kira & Stephanie

The ‘land of the thunder dragon’, is unparalleled in its majesty, perhaps Eden in its serenity, and where the true ESSENCE of life is silently revealed.


May 23-30, 2025
8 days, 7 nights
[custom dates, please inquire]

All-inclusive price PP $11,850

(based on double occupancy)
Group size: 6 travelers

Framed by the Himalayas and ensconced from the rest of the world, the kingdom of BHUTAN, ‘land of the thunder dragon’, is unparalleled in its majesty, perhaps Eden in its serenity, and where the true essence of life is silently revealed. Sacred and deeply peaceful, BHUTAN is a place blessed with an almost magical power to transform the mind, and connect deeply to oneself, one another, and the pristine contours of the earth and its regenerative power.

Intrigued by the unknown and looking to surrender into a realm of purity and enlightenment where the measure of success and productivity is happiness? We welcome you to join us on this spiritual journey into the last remaining Shangri la’s – a pristine corner of the world, underexposed by design to outside influence, where Mahayana Bhuddism is interwoven into the lives of Bhutanese and ecological preservation permeates the rhythmic, mindful, and unmaterialistic way of life.

To travel to BHUTAN is to reveal the sacred majesty of an invisible presence of the divine. It allows for slowness and introspection, a fuller consciousness, and moments to advance one step further on the radiant path of enlightenment. Maeterlinck suggests “it is only by revealing the divine that is in us that we may discover the divine in others.”

Curious to journey deeper into the essence of BHUTAN? Our itinerary begins upon arrival in Paro (flights direct into BHUTAN are provided by specific airlines connecting through Delhi – included). By way of private transport, we will be escorted to begin our journey at AMAN’s first sanctuary in BHUTAN, AMANKORA in Thimphu, melting into the Himalayan landscape and expansive tranquility. With two nights here to unravel and experience the capital close by, offering local markets and Buddhists sites, including Tashichho Dzong. These beginning days are to reflect and mirror the pace of nature’s slowness entrusting our inner awakenings to unfurl. Options for therapeutic spa treatments, a private hike to rural villages /monasteries tucked into the foothills of the Himalayas and/or a private lesson in archery, Bhutan’s national sport, can be arranged as you desire.

On the third day we enjoy a scenic private transfer through the mountains to Punakha, the ancient winter capital of BHUTAN, descending beautifully into a subtropical valley filled with rhododendrons, citrus trees and banana plants. Enjoy peaceful walks through rural farming villages, light a butter lamp at a local temple, tour the stunning Punakha Dzong, visit a Buddhist nunnery overlooking the valley, and participate in traditional Bhutanese cooking classes. Two nights of luxurious seclusion at the acclaimed AMANKORA Punakha, accessible by way of a suspension bridge over the Mo Chhu River and set among rice terraces, chili and cabbage fields and a traditional Bhutanese farmhouse built by a former Je Khenpo (chief abbot of Bhutan).

Amidst our deepening awareness and rhythmic movement throughout the kingdom, we journey back to Paro, a picturesque town in the verdant river valley where we will make the breathtaking excursion to Tiger’s Nest, a cliffside Buddhist monastery that is considered one of the highlights of BHUTAN’s exquisite landscape. Our three nights are encapsulated in harmony at the AMANKORA Paro.

As reverent guests, we journey home having witnessed the extraordinary found amidst the country’s essence which is enveloped in the spirituality of the people and interconnectedness with nature. In so many ways BHUTAN is blessed by the divine and it is perhaps in the silence and stillness that the secrets of eternity are revealed.

  • Luxury Accommodations, design forward:
  • Amankora Thimphu Lodge
  • Amankora Punakha Lodge
  • Amankora Paro
  • Slow travel, Immersive, Expansive, Cultural, Spiritual
  • Walking & hiking explorations, Photography, Yoga, Holistic wellness
  • Bhutanese cuisine
  • Bhutanese cooking, The art of Archery, Spiritual awakening, Hiking, Yoga, Holistic spa treatments

Bhutan is a place blessed with an

almost magical power to transform the MIND

  • Roundtrip Airfare into Bhutan from Delhi, India
  • All accommodations
  • All transportation
  • Airport pick-up/drop off
  • Required Visa, Health Insurance & Bhutan daily tourist fee
  • Daily excursions with English speaking guide, vehicle & driver
  • A private lecture on Bhutan & Buddhism with the Mynak Rinpoche
  • Bhutanese traditional cooking class
  • A holistic spa treatment
  • Seasonal local cuisine, chef prepared breakfast, 3-course lunch & dinner
  • In house wines & spirits
  • Entrance fees for monuments mentioned
  • Picnic lunch at the base of Tiger’s Nest
  • Trans-Pacific and/or trans-Atlantic airfare to Delhi, India (we can assist in booking, please inquire)
  • Gratuities
  • Leisure spending
  • 1 Booking: $14,895 - All inclusive
  • (single occupancy, private accommodation)
  • 2 Bookings: $11,850 PP - All inclusive
  • (shared room, double occupancy)

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